Let us put a ‘buy-to-sell package’ together for you! Our ‘Vehicle Investor’ package will see you making a substantial profit from your next vehicle purchase. With your investment, Go Euro will purchase a vehicle that we then advertise and sell earning you 50% of the profit. We know what’s hot and what’s not. We know the market and the margins. Our experience will ensure you invest in only the most sought-after makes and models. We have been earning our clients thousands of dollars with a 100% success rate for over 5 years.

With a stock turnaround of 10-50 days, we are perfectly positioned to make your new venture as a Vehicle Investor enjoyable and profitable. A mere investment of $5,000 could secure your first opportunity as a Vehicle Investor.


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Our step-by-step vehicle investments process.

 ● The first step is to meet with the client and discuss the investment opportunity. Go Euro will ensure the client understands the service, the process of purchasing a vehicle, and how Go Euro will efficiently sell the investment vehicle earning the client 50% of the profit. The client will be educated on the makes and models of vehicles that are recommended to purchase. Go Euro will outline the amount the investor needs to spend and the percentage of profit the client can expect to earn once the investment vehicle has been sold.

● Following the consultation, Go Euro will inform the client of how the investment vehicle will be sourced. Go Euro will present a vehicle investment plan detailing the step-by-step process to efficiently source the perfect investment.

● Go Euro will then start the search both within New Zealand and the worldwide market. If the vehicle is in New Zealand, A Go Euro representative will attend view and inspect the vehicle on site. The client will also have the option to attend all viewings. If the vehicle is out of the country, one of our trusted agents will view the vehicle and share all comments, details, and photos via email.

● Once Go Euro have viewed all the vehicles on offer within the budget, we will compile a shortlist of recommended vehicles and discuss the options with the client.

● Go Euro will then inspect the vehicles on the shortlist to narrow down the options for final selection. The top choice will be inspected thoroughly.

● The client will be kept informed throughout the inspection process, including what service work will need doing immediately or in the near future, as well as any other details that should be mentioned and considered before investing.

● If Go Euro and the client are happy with the vehicle post-inspection and would like to follow through with the purchase, subject to the sale price, then Go Euro will start to negotiate on the listed sale price.

● Pickup and delivery to the Go Euro workshop will be organised. 

● If the investment vehicle has been purchased overseas and will need any work done to make sure it is compliant before being registered and sold in New Zealand, you can trust Go Euro to handle all compliance repairs.

● Once the investment vehicle is groomed and all maintenance work completed, Go Euro will present a sales plan detailing how the investment vehicle will be advertised locally and internationally if required.

●  Go Euro will arrange for a professional photo shoot of the vehicle, which will be used for the online listings and other advertising purposes. 

● Go Euro will list the vehicle on Trademe and other online selling platforms. A description of the vehicle will be carefully written to suit the vehicle on offer. 

● All messages, phone calls, and emails regarding viewings and questions about the vehicle will be handled through Go Euro directly.

● If potential buyers wish to have the vehicle inspected at their own cost, then Go Euro can have it arranged and be present during the inspection. If service work or repairs is required following the inspection to please a potential buyer, then Go Euro can organise this at the time.

● When negotiating with the potential buyer, Go Euro will make every effort to sell the client’s investment vehicle at a premium market price.

● Prior to the sale, all outstanding invoices for any work completed on the investment vehicle must be paid in full. Go Euro will confirm the final total spent on the investment vehicle, including the cost of service work, grooming, photography, advertising, and the original purchase price of the vehicle.

● Upon sale, the buyer will sign a contract confirming that they are happy with the vehicle and the inspection of the vehicle. The buyer will be made aware that once sold neither the client nor Go Euro will have any further obligations to the vehicle.

● Upon confirmation of the sale price, Go Euro will notify the client to confirm the amount of profit earned. We will transfer funds, minus the 50% service fee, to your chosen account. We will ensure the sale and service fee deduction process is completely transparent. If required, the payment process can be altered to suit your preferences.

Once payment has cleared, Go Euro will arrange the pickup or delivery of the vehicle with the purchaser. Change of ownership will also be processed at this time.

The investment vehicle is now sold and the client as been paid out.


The Vehicle Investment Opportunity

  • Consulting with the client – FREE
  • Sourcing the investment vehicle – FREE
  • Inspecting potential purchases – FREE
  • Handling pick up of the vehicle – FREE
  • Offering the vehicle for sale – FREE
  • Go Euro handling all inquiries and viewings with potential buyers – FREE
  • The client will take 50% of the profit made on the investment vehicle sale

Chargeable Extras:

  • Full vehicle groom – $100
  • Trade me listing – $120
  • Photography – $100
  • Any unplanned expenses Go Euro covers on your behalf
  • Pickup and delivery of the vehicle between workshops, inspections, grooming, and any other service carried out on the car. These expenses will be determined at a rate of $25 per hour plus the cost of the return trip if required. Any service or repair work that was completed will be payable direct to the workshop who carried out the work.